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Trying Series 1                                                     7 x 30’ Comedy                                                                                       BBC/Apple TV

Avid Offline (Fine Cutting) Comedy drama series starring Imelda Staunton, Rafe Spall and Esther Smith.

Director: Jim O'Hanlon, Producer: Chris Sussman

GameFace Series 2                                             6 x 30’ Comedy                                                                           Objective/Channel 4

Avid Offline (Assembly Editor) In her 30's and still painfully under-prepared for all of lifes obstacles. Marcella tries to navigate her way through with the help of her best friend, her life coach and therapist, and her driving instructor.

Director: Andrew Chaplin, Producer: Izzy Mant

How to Leave an Abusive Relationship          1 x 30’ Drama Documentary                                                         Knickerbocker/Ch5

Avid Offline. Expert advice and testimony from victims and families about the things to do and not to do when leaving an abusive relationship.

Executive Producer: Natalie Von Hunter

Amusical                                                         1 x 30’ Comedy Pilot                                                         Burning Bright/Comedy Central

Avid Offline. A stellar line up of guest comedians are taken out of their comfort aones as they sing their hearts out to some of the nation's favourite musical numbers.
Executive Producers: Clive Tulloh, Kate Edmunds and Seamus Murphy-Mitchell

Cuckoo Series 5                                              6 x 30’ Comedy                                                                                 Rough Cut TV/BBC3

Avid Offline. Award winning British comedy starring Greg Davies, Andie MacDowell, Esther Smith and Helen Baxendale.
Producer: Izzy Mant, Executive Producer: Ash Atalla

Roast Battle UK                                               6 x 30’ Comedy                                                                      Fullwell73/Comedy Central

Avid Offline. It's comedy's closed thing to a sport - comedians battle it out with the most brutal jokes imaginable.
Producer: Tom Corrigan, Executive Producer: Suzi Aplin

Passions: Romesh on Richard Pryor           1 x 60’ Documentary                                                                   Rumpus Media/Sky Arts

Avid Offline. The documentary explores the life and work of Richard Pryor, the American stand-up who inspired British comedian Romesh Ranganathan to pursue a career in comedy. Romesh travels to LA to follow in the footsteps of the troubled comic who he considers to be the greatest stand up of all time.

Executive Producer: Emily Hudd

Second Opinion                                               1 x 30’ Comedy Entertainment Pilot                                            Rumpus Media/BBC2

Avid Offline. Dr Xand van Tulleken takes a satirical look back on 2016 in health news. Drawing on his medical expertise and personal experience as a doctor, Xand picks apart the facts behind the tabloid hype, including his take on the real reasons behind 2016's junior doctors' strike.

Executive Producer: Iain Wimbush


I’ve Got Your Number                                     1 x 10’ Sitcom Short                                                                       Tiger Aspect/Sky Arts

Avid Offline. Halloween sitcom short starring comedian Kiri Pritchard-McLean, who responds to texts mistakenly sent to her for a laugh, chatting to a complete stranger several times a day. But what started as a bit of fun slowly takes a very sinister turn.

Director: Jim Archer, Producer: Arnold Widdowson


Asian Provocateur Series 2                             1 x 30’ Comedy Documentary                                                      Rumpus Media/BBC1

Avid Offline. Comedian Romesh Ranganathan embarks on ramshackle odysseys around the world to discover his eccentric extended family.

Executive Producer: Benjamin Green


The Keith And Paddy Show                           1 x 30’ Comedy Entertainment Pilot                                                       Talkback/BBC1

Avid Offline. Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness pilot sketch show.

Producer: Paul Taylor


An Immigrant’s Guide To Britain                  3 x 30’ Comedy Entertainment                                                     Rumpus Media/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. German comedian and first generation immigrant Henning Wehn shares an irreverent guide to life in Britain from the perspective of some of its polarising inhabitants.

Executive Producers: Emily Hudd & Iain Wimbush


The Forty Five Kayvan Novak Series           1 x 45’ Comedy Entertainment                                                             Objective/Ch. 4 

Avid Offline. Comedian Kayvan Novak morphs into a variety of characters, including an American news anchor and range of reporters to perform hidden camera pranks on celebrities, politicians and members of the public.

Series Producer: Tom Thostrup


It Was Alright In The Eighties                        1 x 60’ Entertainment Documentary                                                    Objective/Ch. 4 

Avid Offline. Narrated by comedian Matt Lucas and featuring television clips from the 1980’s.

Series Producer: Simon Harris, Series Editor: Adam Mclean 


GPs: Behind Closed Doors                             1 x 60’ Observational Documentary                                       Knickerbockerglory/Five

Avid Offline. The doctors and staff of Putneymead Medical Practice in south London have 24,000 patients, with problems ranging from sore throats to suicidal thoughts. But with GP surgeries receiving less than 10% of the total NHS budget while handling some 90% of its workload, how long can this vital community service survive?

Executive Producer: Jonathan Stadlen


Top Coppers                                                        6 x 30’ Sitcom                                                                                 Rough Cut TV/BBC3

Co-Creator/Co-Writer & Editor. Avid Offline of pilot and series. Action comedy series about police detectives John Mahogany and Mick Rust.

Executive Producer: Ash Atalla


Drunk History                                                      1 x 30’ Comedy Entertainment                                     Tiger Aspect/Comedy Central

Avid Offline (assembly edit). Based on the popular web series and hosted by Derek Waters, this series travels across the country to present the rich tales that every city in this land has to offer. Booze helps bring out the truth, it's just that sometimes the truth is a little incoherent.

Producer: Tom McKay 


Murder In Successville                                     1 x 15’ Scripted Comedy Pilot                                               Tiger Aspect Productions

Avid Offline. Comedy celebrity whodunnit pilot starring Greg James & Gok Wan.

Producer: Joe Varley


The IT Crowd Manual                                      1 x 60’ Comedy Documentary                                                                     Retort/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. Documentary looking at the making of the hit sitcom series, including interviews with the writers, cast and famous faces.

Producer: Joanna Hanley

Through The Keyhole                                      1 x 60’ Comedy Entertainment                                                                 Talkback/ITV1

Avid Offline (additional editing). Remake of the infamous panel show from the 90's. Hosted by Keith Lemon is let loose around the homes of the rich and famous.

Executive Producers: Daniel Baldwin & Leon Wilson


The Phone                                                           1 x 60’ Entertainment Pilot                                                          Tinderbox Films/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. Adventure game show ‘The Phone’; two players, one city and one hundred thousand pounds in cash to win.

Director: Simon Dinsell


Lemon La Vida Loca Series 1 & 2                10 x 45’ Sitcom                                                                                            Talkback/ITV2

Avid Offline (four episodes of series one & six episodes of series two). Spoof reality series starring the inimitable Keith Lemon, described as a "cross between Keeping Up With The Kardashians and I'm Alan Partridge" by producers.

Executive Producers: Daniel Baldwin & Leon Wilson

NOMINEE: BROADCAST DIGITAL AWARDS 2013 - Best Entertainment Show


Ben Earl: Trick Artist                                         4 x 60’ Entertainment                                                                   Magnum Media/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. Series featuring the master of sleight of hand and deception performing jaw-dropping stunts.

Director: Simon Dinsell


Merry Keithmas                                                 2 x 50’ Sitcom Special                                                              Talkback/Bang Tidy/ITV2

Avid Offline. Why is Keith spending so much time with Emily Atack? Why have the neighbours complained about his Christmas lights? And is it ever OK to buy your girlfriend a boob job for Christmas? All will be revealed as viewers get to spend some more time with the REAL Keith Lemon.

Executive Producers: Daniel Baldwin & Leon Wilson


Derren Brown: The Specials -

‘Fear & Faith Part 2’                                      1 (of 2) x 60’ Entertainment Special                                                    Objective/Ch. 4 Avid Offline. In the finale of his second two-part event, Fear and Faith, Derren Brown looks at the psychology of religious belief, performs a satanic rite and attempts to give an atheist a religious conversion.

Producer/Director: Jaemie Gallie


Derren Brown: The Specials -

‘Apocalypse Part 2’                                          1 (of 2) x 60’ Entertainment Special                                                       Objective/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. In this second part of the special, the unwitting participant continues his adventure in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by the infected. Meticulously crafted challenges and situations begin to transform his way of seeing himself and his life, as he hurtles towards the thrilling climax of his own horror story.

Director: Simon Dinsell, Producer: Paula Thomas

WINNER: BAFTA TELEVISION AWARDS 2013 - Entertainment Craft Team

NOMINEE: ROSE D’OR AWARDS 2013 - Factual Entertainment & Reality


Unzipped Series 2                                             VT Inserts - Comedy Entertainment                                                     Talkback/BBC3  

Avid Offline. Based on the results of a huge nationwide questionnaire, the show delivers, a funny 'state of the nation' snapshot, asking everything from the national to the personal, the eye-opening to the downright daft. Hosted by Russell Kane & Greg James.

Series Producer: Jamie Rea


Celebrity Juice Series 8                                    VT Inserts - Comedy Panel Show Series                                  Talkback Thames/ITV2

Avid Offline. Keith Lemon and his team captains Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton welcome a brand new selection of celebrity and comic guests to join their topical quiz extravaganza.

Executive Producers: Dan Baldwin & Leon Wilson

NOMINEE: BAFTA TV Awards 2012 - Entertainment Category & YouTube Audience Award Category



A League Of Their Own Series 6                   VT Inserts - Comedy Panel Show Series                                  CPL Productions/Sky 1

Avid Offline. Host James Corden is in the driving seat alongside team captains Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff. Every week one celebrity guest joins both Jamie and Freddie’s teams as they battle it out across three riotous rounds of sporting challenges.

Series Producer: David Taylor


The Anti-Social Network                                 VT Inserts - Comedy Pilot                                                           Studio Of Fools/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. An edgy and ambitious cross platform comedy show which sees the power of social media harnessed to stage some audacious hoaxes.

Executive Producers: Mark Boyd & Mark Eaves, Producers: Tom Thostrup & Michael Livingstone  


Alan Carr’s Summer Specstacular 2              1 x 140’ Comedy Entertainment Special                                           Open Mike/Ch. 4

Avid Offline (multi-camera studio edit & show stitch). As part of Channel 4's Funny Fortnight, Alan Carr has been left in charge of Channel 4 HQ and is set to throw another raucous summer party to remember! A host of stars are live in the studio joining in all the fun and games, including: Jonathan Ross, Tulisa, Keith Lemon, Melanie Sykes, Paloma Faith and Labrinth, while Fatima Whitbread OBE issues Alan's guests with unique sporting challenges.

Producer: Mike Worsley


Friday Download Series 4                                VT Inserts - Children’s Entertainment                                             Salt Beef TV/CBBC

Avid Offline (Online resolution). Exciting entertainment show providing the instant download for the week ahead.

Producer: Fiona Walmsley


Let’s Dance For Comic Relief 2013               VT Inserts - Reality Entertainment                                                      Whizz Kid/BBC 1

Avid Offline. Dancing celebrities are judged each week by a panel of top TV personalities.

Producer/Director Jemma Rawcliffe


Ronna & Beverly                                                 VT Inserts - Comedy Entertainment                                           Hat Trick/Sky Atlantic

Avid Offline. Lifelong friends (not counting the two years they didn't speak) Ronna and Beverly are well preserved fifty-something Jewish mothers that bring their unique brand of no-nonsense wisdom and (mostly unwanted) advice to Sky Atlantic via their new chat show.

Executive Producer: Paul Feig, Series Producer: Stu Mather


Twin Towns                                                         1 x 60’ Factual Entertainment                                      Knickerbockerglory/Sky Atlantic

Avid Offline. Two very different families who live in ‘twin towns’ partake in a complete cultural swap for one week.

Executive Producer: Jonathan Stadlen


The Kumars At No. 42B                                   VT Inserts - Comedy Entertainment                                                 Hat Trick/Sky 1 HD

Avid Offline. Pilot that focuses on a divorced Sanjeev and his family who now live in a flat (No. 42B) behind their Hounslow gift shop.

Producer: Chris Barbour


Lee Kern’s Celebrity Bedlam                         6 x 30’ Comedy Sketch Show Series                                                     Objective/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. Lee Kern's Celebrity Bedlam sees a plethora of celebrities confronted with one outlandish set-up after another in a surreal and ambitious take on the prank show.

Producer: Lee Kern


That Hidden Camera Family                         28 x 30’ Comedy Entertainment Series                                        Gallowgate/Sky 1 HD

Avid Offline. Hidden camera show following a family of practical jokers who play tricks on unsuspecting members of the public.

Series Producer: Myles Jenkins


The Unforgettable…

‘Dick Emery’ & ‘Ernie Wise’                           2 x 30’ Documentary                                                                               North One/ITV1

Avid Offline. Series celebrating the lives of the some of the UK’s most popular entertainers, painting intimate portraits of the stars by those who knew them best, their friends and family, with archive footage and never before seen home movies.

Series Producer: Karen Steyn, Director: Mark Turnbull (Dick Emery)


Geordie Shore’s Best Bits                               1 x 60’ Entertainment                                                                                 MTV/MTV UK

FCP Offline. Ten of the most outrageous and memorable moments from the series as well as input from celebrity fans including Tim Westwood and TOWIE’s Harry.


The Marriage Ref                                              VT Inserts - Comedy Panel Series                                                         Zeppotron/ITV1

Avid Offline. Marriage and relationships takes centre stage in this revealing and funny Saturday night entertainment show.  Everyday disputes between real-life couples are revealed, examined and ultimately judged.

Series Producer: Karen Murdoch

Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night Series 3                VT Inserts - Comedy Entertainment                                           Magnum Media/Ch. 4

Avid Offline (Online resolution). Chris Moyles hosts a topical entertainment quiz in which he puts up his own possessions as prizes and has to compete against three celebrities in a bid to keep them. Stakes will be high, with Chris keen not to lose his treasured goodies or have to perform the show's closing theme.

Director: Matt Gilbe


The Morgana & Terry Show                           1 x 30’ Comedy Sketch Show Pilot                                              Running Bare Pictures

Avid Offline. Non-TX sketch show pilot starring Morgana Robinson & Terry Mynott.

Producer/Director: James De Frond


Dynamo: Magician Impossible                     45’ Entertainment Documentary Series                                         Phil McIntyre/Watch

Avid Offline. Tipped as the most exciting British magician to emerge in decades and with a list of celebrity fans that reads like a 'who's who' of the Hollywood elite, Dynamo: Magician Impossible is the story of an ordinary boy from Bradford living an extraordinary life.

Series Producer: Debbie Young, Director: Simon Dinsell


The Pranker                                                       30’ Comedy Entertainment Series                                    Running Bare Pictures/BBC3

Avid Offline. A hidden-camera prank show featuring CBBC star Ross Lee.

Director: Matt Gilbe, Producer: Andy Brown


Katy Perry:

The California Dreams Tour 2011               Various 15’ Observational Webisodes                                                            Pulse Films

FCP Offline (online resolution). Behind the scenes webisodes following Katy Perry as she undertakes her 2011 world tour.

Director: D.A.R.Y.L. (James Hall & Ed Lovelace)


Louie Spence’s Christmas Message          1 x 22’ Entertainment Special                                                         Pulse Films/Sky 1 HD

Avid Offline. In an inspired twist on tradition, self-proclaimed queen of Sky 1, Louie Spence, addresses the nation. Expect the unexpected as the fabulously flamboyant star talks about his eventful year.

Executive Producer: Jonathan Stadlen


Xtra Factor: The Winner’s Story                  1 x 60’ Entertainment Documentary                                  Talkback Thames/Syco/ITV2

Avid Offline. A look back at 2010 X Factor winner Matt Cardle’s rise to fame.

Producer: Megan Ellis


A Different Breed                                             60’ Comedy Observational Series                                                 Pulse Films/Sky 1 HD

Avid Offline of one episode & fine cutting of series. From the makers of Pineapple Dance Studios comes a brand new genre of television; a documentary/comedy hybrid which tackles the wonderful world of man’s best friend, from the dogs themselves to the humans who are mad for mutts.

Series Producer: Tamsin Dodgson


The Xtra Factor Series 7                                 VT Inserts - Reality Entertainment                                     Talkback Thames/Syco/ITV2

Avid Offline. Konnie Huq brings viewers the latest gossip from the nation’s most infamous talent show.

Series Producer: Tim Dean


Hotel Trubble Series 3                                    30’ Children’s Sitcom                                                                                      BBC/CBBC

Avid Offline. Children's sitcom set in Hotel Trubble, the craziest hotel in town.

Producer: John Pocock, Director: David Sants

The Stephen K Amos Show                           VT Inserts - Comedy Entertainment                                                              BBC/BBC1

FCP Offline (online resolution).The brand new Stephen K Amos Show, featuring original stand-up, sketches, audience interaction and special guest appearances from some of the UK's finest, rising comedy talent.

Producer: George Sawyer


Harry & Paul Series 3                                        30’ Comedy Sketch Series                                                               Tiger Aspect/BBC1

Avid Offline (assembly editor). Bafta-winning comic duo Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse return with a colourful variety of new characters, and one or two old favourites.

Series Producer: Izzy Mant

WINNER: BAFTA TELEVISION AWARDS 2011 - Best Comedy Programme


Facejacker                                                           30’ Comedy Sketch Show Series                                                            Hat Trick/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. Fonejacker Kayvan Novak returns with his familiar characters, but this time he's disguised with prosthetics, up close and personal with the public.

Executive Producer: Mario Stylianides, Series Producers: Tom Thostrup & Michael Livingstone


TNT Show                                                            VT Inserts - Comedy Entertainment                                                    Objective/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. Young comedy upstarts Jack Whitehall and Holly Walsh unleash their comedic brilliance in a new weekly late-night topical entertainment show on Channel 4.

Producer: Ian Wimbush


The Wonderful World of Death                     1 x 10’ Short Film                                                                 Electric Candlelight Prods.

Avid Offline. Short film starring Noel Fielding.

Director: Nathan Wiley


Don’t Get Ripped Off                                       VT Inserts - Consumer Affairs                                         Objective Productions/BBC3

Avid Offline (broadcast pilot). Innovative format that uses hidden cameras to set up traps and rip-offs by creating fake businesses to draw in unsuspecting consumers and then hit them with an ambitious stunt.

Series Producer: Myles Jenkins


Balls Of Steel Series 3                                      VT Inserts - Comedy Entertainment                                Objective Productions/Ch. 4

Avid Offline. Mark Dolan dares a team of fearless comedians and performers to gird up their loins for the ultimate test. He and his studio audience want to know just one thing - who has the biggest Balls of Steel?

Series Producer: Michael Livingstone



Avid Offline, Boris, Sapphire, Photoshop.



For further information and bookings please call Anthony, Natasha or Rebecca on 020 8746 2060

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