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"I can categorically say that Andy is my writing partner" - Céin Mcgillicuddy

Co-Creator, Co-Writer and Editor of BBC3's TOP COPPERS and recent BBC release SEXY MURDER.


After becoming "friends" at university in 2002 Céin and I have been writing comedy together for over 10 years. We are currently working on several exciting new projects, check the LATEST NEWS AND PRESS section for more details. 

Scroll down to find links to our most recent work and agent contact details.

6 x 30' Series with Roughcut TV for BBC Three

"Not many series could go toe-to-toe with Leslie Nielsen's mighty Police Squad!, but this spoof of crime procedurals showed an attention to detail and mastery of sheer silliness to make even Frank Drebin crack a smile"

Gabriel Tate, The Times.



6 x 5' Series with Roughcut TV for BBC Three
1 x 30' Episode for BBC iplayer

"A true-crime parody that's expertly judged. Rich Fulcher has the quivering straight face of a man who knows his material is funny" - Matt Rudd, The Times.

For trailers and episodes click below:

Andy & Céin are represented by

Robert Taylor at The Artists Partnership.


Click here for our page on The Artists Partnership website


Tel: 020 7439 1456


Céin is also the director on all of our work. Visit his website here -

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